Irish Spirit Makes an Appearance

Located in the heart of Kilkenny’s famed Mediavel quarter sits Kyteler’s Inn. Founded in 1324 (making the Inn one of the oldest businesses in Ireland), it's easy to wonder 'Is the Inn haunted?'

The team who work at Kyteler's often feel a presence, leading them to say; 'Ah, there's Alice'. After all, if anyone was going to haunt the place, one would hope it would be the buildings first owner and resident witch, Dame Alice Kyteler!

The establishment has had ghost hunter TV shows visit in order to delve in to the paranormal and while the addition of spooky music and lighting builds the suspense, nothing concrete has been seen or heard.

That was until Mona Davitt recently came visiting from Wexford with three friends. They settled down to enjoy the Inn’s famed hospitality, taking a table next to the stairs leading up to the Top Bar. It was daytime (no spooky candle lit corners or odd shadows from a flickering fire) when the visitors got together for a quick photograph.

A member of staff took the pictures on Mona's smartphone and pressed the shutter a couple of times just for luck. But when they looked at the images in detail, there behind them was a black shadow heading up the stairs. And in the second picture, the shadow had moved, which discounts any trick of the light.





Everyone in the group could vouch for the fact that no one had walked by them and there was no sound of footsteps. Was it the resident ghost? Who knows, but what is certain is the apparition can't be explained.

While the more obvious spirits are served behind the bar, Kyteler’s Inn expects an increase in visitors on October 31st, eager to see if Halloween night encourages another appearance of the spooky visitor.

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Delightful time at this restaurant enjoying the food, the great music and the service

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